my projects

This page lists some basic information on my side projects. There aren't that much but maybe you'll find something useful.

I don't remember when I wrote my first program, but I'm pretty sure it was in Quick Basic. Throughout the years I was always interested in programming and how to tell the computer what to do. My mathematical education proved to be helpful in quickly grasping new concpets and languages.

In my job I mainly program in Java and Javascript. But I love to keep in touch with new stuff.


node-spotify is a wrapper around libspotify, a C library for Spotify services. I started it somewhere around december 2012 I think and it has gone a long way since.

Initially it was a project to play music from Spotify on my Raspberry Pi. But it soon became clear that it was too much to care for the library, some kind of backend and a frontend. So I chose to first "finish" (i.e. version 1.0.0) the library and then continue with my other ideas.


This is a project I started after I had to use Spring Security OAuth and found the documentation and example projects lacking.