Migrating to Jekyll and github.io


So, node-spotify hasn’t been updated in a long time. It’s grown a lot over 100 stars on Github, which I’m very proud of.

Since NodeJS version 4, I think that’s after the io.js merge it doesn’t compile anymore. I started migrating to a newer NaN version, but that’s a lot of compile errors to fix - and then I will have to see if it even runs.

Recently some friendly fellows offered help over at github. Since this week I finally am working in Berlin again, maybe I’ll start to try over with the NaN migration.

I have to say, since libspotify was declared deprecated by Spotify my motivation is not super high. It’s a sad thing, but “newer” features will never make it into node-spotify like this. The new library announced last year by Spotify is still to be seen, the website now lists the “hope to be able to provide a release in 2016”.

Jekyll, github.io

For a long time, frontierpsychiatrist.de and berlinpixels.com have been served from a Raspberry Pi at my home. The blog was hosted with Ghost, but at some point I took that down and it was not available anymore.

Since my Raspberry Pi is now used as an openelec machine I decided to move to a different hosting. I looked at Github pages and their recommendation for Jekyll.

I have to say, wow. I basically poorly emulated Jekyll with some custom Jade templating, but it has everything I need and more. And hosting with github is easier than ever. I don’t even have to care about some sort of build, just push my posts and Github does the rest. So props to them!

Only bad thing is, https is no more for frontierpsychiatrist.de. I made the classic mistake of enforcing https via a 301 redirect, but that means I had to teach my browsers to forget about that. Not so easy for other visitors. Luckily I’m pretty sure no one is visiting this site anyway :D


So, a quarter of 2016 is already over. I really hope I can finally get back into working on node-spotify. There’s also another project I would be so glad to finally “kickstart” and get a working version out - it’s something about my day-to-day IDE, IDEA by Jetbrains. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get around to writing more updates here more often. At least my new Jekyll setup makes that easier.