About me

I'm Moritz do Rio Schulze, a software developer based in Berlin.

Before working in the software industry I studied mathematics at TU Darmstadt. I already liked mathematics when I was in school and decided to continue with it. I specialized in Discrete Optimization and wrote my thesis about a modification of Branch & Bound for binary integer programs.

After university I took a job in consulting. My company specialized on processes in the financial sector, but I worked in the data integration department of a bank for three years.

Programming is not only my job but also my hobby. Check out the projects section!

Apart from programming I'm a big music lover. I played an instrument since the beginning of preschool. Take a look at the music section to find out more about that!

I also like to do some sports regularly. Nothing fancy, just hitting some weights in the gym a few times the week.

And of course I enjoy the live in Berlin - going out with friends, eating, concerts...